Fleet Carnival's

Battle of the Pubs Tug of War

Sunday 2nd July 2006

Team List

The first column shows which pubs/clubs in the area that expressed a serious interest in taking part, (the first 8 paying in advance). The second column shows whether they took part.

Pub Name Notes

The Prince Arthur, Fleet


Prince of Wales/Imperial Arms, Farnborough

Combined Team

Thatch Cottage, Farnborough


Plough & Horses, Farnborough



One league was contested by the 4 teams.


Team Name Points Team Name Points
Plough & Horses 0 Thatch Cottage 2
POW/Imp 0 Prince Arthur 2
Prince Arthur 0 Thatch Cottage 2
Thatch Cottage 2 POW/Imp 0
POW/Imp 0 Plough & Horses 2
Plough & Horses 1 Prince Arthur 2
Place Team Points
1 Thatch Cottage 6
2 Prince Arthur 4
3 Plough & Horses 3
4 POW/Imp 0


Thatch Cottage 2 Thatch Cottage
Prince Arthur 0

The Thatch Cottage were easy winners, being the biggest and best drilled team in the contest. Working together as "Doormen" probably helped as well.

The Prince Arthur were content with their second place, it was the first time that a team had ever taken "GOLD" back to the pub.